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Apartaments S'Abioi

The apartment “S’Abioi”, in the mezzanine level, consists of:

  • living room with table, chairs, sofa, tv and fully equipped kitchen;

  • double bedroom with wardrobe, nightstand, table with chair, luggage rack;

  • bathroom with shower, supplied with hair drier and courtesy products;

  • furnished veranda with large sea view.

Every room has air conditioning.

“S’Abioi” in sardinian means “Lavender”.

It is an evergreen plant characterized by a very intense aroma.

Wild lavender is a typical plant in the arid and sunny places of the mediterranean region, where it grows with cistus and other species. In Sardinia it is very diffused from the sea to 1000 m of altitude.

The lavender plant has been known since the antiquity. Lavender’s name come from the latin “lavare”; this plant was very used by the Greeks and the Romans for its fragrance especially in their “bath”.

In some Sardinian’s areas, fresh lavender beaten in olive oil, was used as a healing and also against insect bites. Lavender is widely used at to perfume soaps and other cosmetic products.

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