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Apartaments S'Abbruschiadinu

The apartment “S’Abbruschiadinu” consists of:

·         living room with table, chairs, sofa, tv and fully equipped kitchen;

·         double bedroom with wardrobe, nightstand, table with chair, luggage rack;

·         bathroom with shower, supplied with hair drier and courtesy products;

·         furnisted veranda with sea view.

Every room has air conditioning.

“S’Abbruschiadinu” in sardinian means “Helichrysum”.

The word helichrysum comes from the Greek helios (sun) and Chysòs (gold) for the sparkling yellow of his flower head. It’s a species of some Mediterranean islands: Sardinia, Corsica and Balearic. It’s an aromatic perennial plant, abundant in the arid areas overlooking the sea and, in the interior, in rocky and stony places in undeveloped soils.

The helichrysum’s leafs can be used to aromatize foods. It can be also used for ornamental purposes. Indeed its flowers are suitable to make dried flowers’s decorations as they remain unchanged even after dehydration. This plant has also therapeutic properties.

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